Fit Guide


Our previous MAKAN collection was sizing too small, especially for bottoms. We listened to your feedback, and have improved ourselves with this new A-MAR collection! The sizes have been adjusted to perfectly match the EU standards. 

Also, please note that the print fabric composition has changed. It is now the exact same one as the plain color fabric. So there are no differences anymore in between the sizes and the colors.

You will find here below a detailed fit guide, and we gladly assist you if you have any further questions.



Use a measuring tape to measure yourself, holding the tape securely around the circles as shown above. We recommend to take these measurements whilst wearing minimal clothing.

If you need assistance or advice, drop us an email at and we will gladly help you!


She usually wears size M for tops and S for bottoms
In Julienne, she wears a size S for Louis one-piece, Gaston high waist bottom, and Maxence adjustable bottom. Size M for Gabriel top. Size L for Marius adjustable top.
Height: 1,60m
Bust: 81 cm
Waist: 60 cm
Top hips: 80 cm
Hips: 86 cm
Chest length: 59 cm

She usually wears size M
In Julienne, she wears a size M for Louis one-piece and Gabriel top and Gaston bottom. Size L for the adjustable Marius top and Maxence bottom
Height: 1,77m
Bust: 91 cm
Waist: 77 cm
Top hips: 90 cm
Hips: 100 cm
Chest length: 65 cm

She usually wears size M for tops. M/L for bottoms
In Julienne, she wears a size M for all styles.
Height: 1,60m
Bust: 85 cm
Waist: 70 cm
Top hips: 85 cm
Hips: 105 cm
Chest length: 61 cm

She usually wears S for tops and S or M for bottoms.
In Julienne, she wears size S
Height: 1,68m
Bust: 84 cm
Waist: 68 cm
Top hips: 73 cm
Hips: 95 cm
Chest length: 68 cm


Rule n°1: Have so much fun in your Julienne swim, and love yourself unconditionally.

Rule n°2: You will find some simple care guide rules to easily extend its life by following our simple care guide. To sum up, wear more and wash less!


Hand wash - do not iron - do not bleach - do not tumble dry - do not wring - dry in the shade


Please note: Some sunscreen lotions and oils may mark or damage the swimwear.  Each swimsuit might vary slightly from the pictures shown, such as the placement of prints on each piece. Your Julienne swim is unique and fully yours!