The Julienne adventure started in Bali, late 2018. At that time, I was working in a sustainable resort in Ubud.

Fresh air, preserved nature, and good vibrations. Houses built in bamboo, only natural materials everywhere. People who were doing good, on an island where unfortunately these standards were not met everywhere.

In fact, snorkeling and surfing in seas plagued by plastic waste have raised my awareness about the urge to deal with ocean pollution. It was time to act.

And it became very clear. Act for our planet, pushing on my endless love for bikinis and producing in an ethical manufacture with clean working conditions. Create a conscious brand, honest and transparent. I was aligned, centered.

Another mission was very close to my heart: to create swimwear that would make women feel beautiful. I wanted to break the rules of an industry that was only showing "perfect bikini bodies" and sexualizing women. Beauty standards defined by a patriarchal society? Something was definitely wrong. It was time to show real women. It was time to show unretouched pictures, cellulite, and stretch marks. To show beautiful women proudly loving their body as is and to create a peaceful place of love. It was time to celebrate self-love.

One year after the launch, we are more than 5000 Juls from all over the world feeling beautiful in Julienne. This community of loving and strong women is our #julstribe. And it's just the beginning.